Early Travel in Central Florida
Feb 28, 2019
Thomas B. Tart
Early Travel in Central Florida


Mr. Thomas B. Tart a/k/a Henry "Thomas" Flagler", was born in Jacksonville, FL on April 26, 1943.  He attended University of Florida/BSBA, Stetson University College of Law/Juris Doctor and was a lawyer for Utility Company.  He moved to Orlando upon graduation.  After 41 years of law practice in Orlando, he retired the summer of 2009.  He worked for a civil practice law firm for 14 years and then 27 years as the house counsel for the Orlando Utilities Commission, becoming Vice President and General Counsel.  It was the best of times!  He still lives in Orlando.

He has been involved in doing programs with many WWII Veterans and placing official historic WWII Markers at airfields around Florida.

His hobbies and interests include World War II, Civil War and golf. Recent books he’s read are Battle Cry of Freedom and Flyboys.  If he had not chosen his current career, he most definitely would be a History Professor!  He lives by The Golden Rule.